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**30th March additional information for customer purchases**

Royal Mail is operating, as you can imagine, with a reduced workforce. This has also been passed through the network to regional post offices where our current office is operating at reduced opening times. This will mean small delays in how many orders we can process each day in time to get to the post office before it closes.

Special Delivery Next Day UK postage is no longer guaranteed. Royal Mail still hopes it will deliver your mail next day if you select this service but there is no longer any guarantee it will do so.

International order. Please expect delays. Significant delays. As more and more airports become restricted and flights becoming very infrequent this will affect the time it takes for an order to reach you. Please also check the status of mail services in your country and the Royal Mail updates for your country by following this link.

If you did not select a signed/tracked International service then we CAN NOT track the package. Please be patient.

**Keep Safe. Stay at Home!**

After a discussion with Royal Mail this morning as they will still be taking and delivering mail then we are still taking and dispatching orders.

There has been a lot of news about transmission on surfaces. We are processing orders as safely as possible. No staff has any symptoms nor have we been in contact with anyone with any symptoms. Should this change the member of staff will be removed from operational duties immediately.

Hand sanitizer is used regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the products and mailing bags. 

We will be monitoring the situation closely and should the Government insist that Royal Mail ceases operations then we will also stop. Until then we will continue to process your orders as quickly as possible. Please expect delays in your mail arriving due to reduced operations in the Royal Mail system.

For UK customers they should refer to the Royal Mail website for up to date information about how deliveries will be made to them.

For our International customers please refer to your own postal services for how they will handle deliveries to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep track of all postal services and their delivery policies.

Our shipping service Royal Mail is providing as much information as they can for international deliveries. Please refer to the link below to see the information available for countries affected.

Delays and for countries that are in lockdown. This situation is out of our control. We have no way to enforce the delivery of your order should your postal service be told to not do so.

Please be patient, remember our International standard post option can NOT be tracked and there is no way it can be tracked so if you wish to ensure you can track the delivery of your order please use the Tracked post option.

I have not received my order

The UK and probably all other countries are providing a doorstep delivery if the item is too big to fit in the letterbox. That being said if nothing is left due to poor weather or if they decide no safe place is available then it will probably return to the local post office. Please check with your postal service to see if they have your package.

Allow more time. Please do understand that this is an unknown situation. With many businesses suffering staff losses. We have been advised to state that anywhere from 5-7 working days should be allowed for deliveries. We are logging all dispatches direct into the Royal Mail business system which has a clear returns address should you not be able to obtain your package. Should we receive the item back we will contact you.

We wish you good health.

Natural henna for body and hair supplier with over 20 years experience. We have been supplying henna powder in the UK and across Europe longer than anyone else!

Our products are laboratory certified free from PPD and other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and we supply a high-quality range of Henna, Cassia, Amla, Indigo and other natural powders.

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