200g Sojat Naru Henna Blend

200g Sojat Naru Henna Blend
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Seriously Sojat. BAQ quality henna. 200g

Triple sifted high yield natural henna powder from the henna capital of the world Sojat, India.

Mixed with the super staining quality of Naru henna from Pakistan

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Mixing henna powder is easy to do.

You will require:

Large non metalic bowl, Lemon Juice, non metallic spoon, clingfilm and a bottle of essential oil*

Empty the amount of henna that you wish to use into the bowl. Slowly add lemon juice stiring in the henna powder as you add. 

Keep adding the lemon juice ensuring that you smooth out any clumps of henna that may form until you reach a consistency like thick yoghurt.

Cover with clingfilm and leave somewhere warm such as a airing cupboard or drying room. Leave for 24hrs.

*If mixing for bodyart then add essential oil. Approx 10 drops per 50g of henna and mix in thoroughly. Essential oil is not required if mixing for hair.