Henna Kits

Henna Boy Henna Kits.

From beginner's starter kits to the studio professional kit all of our kits come with full instructions, 100% high grade quality natural Henna Powder, applicator(s) and everything else that you will require to produce amazing henna patterns.

Suitable for beginners and professionals.

We supply these kits worldwide and to many college's for training courses in beauty.

All of our kits are 100% guaranteed to work. We supply only dry ingredients for you to mix yourself ensuring that you are getting the best colour at all times.

Advanced Henna Kit
A Henna Kit for the more advanced. 100g Henna, 10 x Henna Cone, 10ml Lavender Essential ..
Professional Henna Kit
For parties and events this will cover everyone! *requires lemon juice not supplied. 200g He..
Starter Henna Kit
Ideal for those that have never tried before. 50g Henna 100% Natural Finely Sifted. High Quality..
Studio Henna Kit
Stock up and keep in stock with this Henna Kit. 500g Henna, 20 x Henna Cone, 50ml Lavender Essen..
Super Starter Henna Kit
Ideal for those that have tried our starter kit before or just wanting that little bit extra at a gr..
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