Jagua Liquid

Henna Boy Jagua Liquid.

Freshly made and supplied exclusively to Henna Boy from Jagua Factory, Peru. Our partnership with Jagua Factory has stock arriving every two weeks ensuring our jagua products are "Always Fresh"

Our jagua products are supplied every two weeks direct from Peru ensuring the products are "Always Fresh" and have been Dermatological, Microbiological and Hypoallergenic laboratory analyzed and tested with Organic and Vegan certification pending.

Available in the following sizes

30ml / 1oz
60ml / 2oz
90ml / 3oz (supplied in 100ml bottle)
120ml / 4oz
240ml / 8oz (supplied in 250ml bottle)
480ml / 16oz (supplied in a 500ml bottle)
1 liter

Suitable for mixing into henna powder for Hengua (jagua and henna) mixes or for making into a gel.

Suitable for freezing to remain fresh.

Jagua is not suitable for anyone that suffers from tropical or citrus fruit allergies.

Jagua Liquid
Jagua Liquid100% Jagua with Sharomix organic preservative to keep fresh which is 100% skin safe. No ..
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