Wholesale Jagua Liquid and Powder

Looking to purchase bulk Jagua products?

Henna Boy is the exclusive supplier of Jagua Factory Peru and we are able to ship across the UK, Europe, and Russia in bulk directly to you.

Our jagua products are supplied every two weeks direct from Peru ensuring the products are "Always Fresh" and have been Dermatological, Microbiological and Hypoallergenic laboratory analyzed and tested with Organic and Vegan certification pending.

Our exclusive pricing is only applicable for bulk purchasing.

Jagua Liquid

Requires a minimum purchase of 3 liters to qualify.

3-49 liters: £76.84/liter SAVING OF 33.55% PER LITER*
50-149 liters: £73.73/liter SAVING OF 36.24% PER LITER*
150 or more liters: £69.85/liter SAVING OF 39.59% PER LITER*

Jagua Powder

Packaged in 120g heat sealed pouches for freshness.

Requires a minimum purchase of 2 x 120g pouches to qualify.

2-10 x 120g Pouches: £85.37/pouch SAVING OF 7.6% PER POUCH**
11-20 x 120g Pouches: £81.49/pouch SAVING OF 11.81% PER POUCH*
21-30 x 120g Pouches: £76.84/pouch SAVING OF 17.23% PER POUCH*
31 or more x 120g Pouches: £65.97/pouch SAVING OF 28.06% PER POUCH*

*When compared to the retail price of 1 liter of Jagua Liquid of £115.64
**When compared to the retail price of 1 x 120g pouch price of £92.40

Please contact us by email at [email protected] or by using the contact form to purchase.

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