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Asafoetida is a very popular digestive stimulant, specifically for vata disorders when fried in ghee. Asafoetida is very strong and spicy and should only be used in small amounts, much easier to tolerate when cooked with beans or meat.

Usually avoided by itself or as a tea, due to its potency and strong flavour.

AsafoetidaFerula assa-foetida
R: pungent Vr: heating Vp: pungentSmall intestine, heart, lungs
VK-P+ sharp, light, oilyUses: indigestion, loss of appetite, bloating, sciatica, asthma
Channels: annavaha, majjavaha, pranavaha, purisavaha, raktavahaPart used: powdered gum resin
Tissues: rasa, rakta, majja, mamsa, asthiDosage: 50-250mg per day
Actions: digestive stimulant, antispasmodic, antisepticPrecautions: fever, high pitta
Special actions: aphrodisiacModern precautions: pregnancy
Used for prakrti: VK
Used for Vikrti: VK
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