Model 600Q12
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Expected delivery date (subject to delivery country): Wednesday 24th June 2020 - Tuesday 30th June 2020
This is pure 100% natural Indigo and henna to dye your hair black.
Do NOT use indigo on its own unless you want a blue rinse look! Equal amounts of both henna and indigo is required.
Full instructions on how to use and mix to make your hair black is included.
300g of henna and 300g of Indigo will cover shoulder length straight hair. If you have curly hair measure its length when straight.
Included in the pack is 300g of henna and 300g of Indigo (600g total weight)
This is 100% natural and chemical free. Therefore the colour will not last as long. Depending on how you look after your hair will determine how long the colour lasts. Therefore we cannot guarantee xxx weeks!
You may wish to take advantage of our special multi packs!