Natural Red, Light Brown, Brown and Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye
Indigo and Henna are 100% natural hair dyes.
Our kits come with comprehensive instructions which should also enable you to use any left over to re-apply on your roots in between full applications!
Please make sure you choose the correct colour option when purchasing. Our henna / indigo kits are pre weighed for you to use and give different colours.
Colours available are:
Reddish Brown - 75% henna 25% indigo
Light Brown - 50% henna 50% indigo
Brown - 30% henna 70% indigo
Dark Brown - 20% henna 80% indigo
Henna by itself will dye dark hair with a red shine/tint colour - the lighter your hair then more red to orange the henna will dye your hair (grey may turn orange!).

If you have dark hair and wish to have a red glow in your hair....then you can try just henna. Or try henna with cassia for our copper red colour

If you have light brown/mousey brown hair and wish to have a red glow in your hair then go for our reddish brown colour option on any product on this page. This will make sure you dont get any orange!

If you have blond hair and wish to go brown with some red then try our light brown colour option on any product on this page.
Henna used with indigo will give you a colour range from reddish brown, light brown, brown, dark brown.

It works like this Henna will dye your hair orange (on very dark hair this will give your hair an orange/reddish tint when the sunlight hits it) as you add more Indigo it starts to go darker so you get a red brown, light brown all the way up to black.
Unlike other suppliers we do not pack this with other ingredients. No coffee, cocoa butter wild herbs from Bora Bora etc. The henna is henna 100% pure and natural and so is the Indigo!
ALL the henna is Body Art Quality. Which means more dye content and a significantly higher grade of henna powder then what is usually sold for hair dye.

100g is enough for short hair
200g is enough for face length hair
300g is enough for shoulder length hair
500g is enough for mid back/waist line length hair

The above calculations is for straight hair. If you have curly hair or very thick hair then you will requre more. Curly hair should be measured when wet!
Brunette Natural Henna Hair Dye
This is our Indigo / Henna kit to dye your hair.Suitable for very short up to pixie cut length&..
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