Pukka Tea

A selection of boxed tea from Pukka Herbs.

Vanilla Chai
Three Chamomile
Night Time
Blackcurrant Beauty
Turmeric Gold
Original Chai
English Breakfast
Three Mint

Pukka Tea Three Mint
Pukka's three mint blend is a refreshing exercise in minimalism. It's just what it says on the box: ..
Pukka Three Chamomile Tea
Pukka's Three Chamomile blend is a blend of three types of chamomile grown organically. A soothi..
Pukka Revitalize Tea
Pukka's Revitalise blend is an organically sourced blend of cinnamon, orange peel, elderflower, car..
Pukka Blackcurrant Beauty Tea
Pukka's Blackcurrant Beauty blend is a 99.9% organic blend of rosehip, hibiscus, licorice root, swe..
Pukka Motherkind Pregnancy Tea
Motherkind Pregnancy tea.Stars are made from organic herbs like these. At their centre the majestic ..
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