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Cardamom pods are available in two types. The smaller green pods and larger black.

Primarily used in Indian dishes they can also be used in baking and is a popular addition when baking an apple pie.

It is a very Autumnal spice which can be used with Cinnamon and Cloves for the making of spiced cakes, muffins and mulled cider or wine. 

One of the primary ayurvedic digestive spices and a renowned spice for cooking, cardamom is believed to improve assimilation of nutrients. Mild action makes this herb useful for children, as well as for pregnant women.

CardamomElettaria cardamomum
R: pungent Vr: sweet Vp: cooling/sweetSpleen, small intestine, lungs
VK-P sharp, light, dryUses: low agni, gas, colds, asthma, indigestion, vomiting
Channels: annavaha, pranavaha, raktavaha, rasavaha, majjavahaPart used: rhizome
Tissues: rasa, rakta, majjaDosage: 1 gram per day in hot water, milk or ghee
Actions: digestive stimulantPrecautions: high pitta
Special actions: antidote to caffieneModern precautions: none
Used for prakrti: VK
Used for Vikrti: VKP