Returning Products to Henna Boy Ltd

We appreciate that you may wish to return unwanted products back to us and we are willing to accept returns under the following conditions:

Powdered products such as henna powder, indigo powder etc need to be unopened. We do not accept returns for opened products.

Liquid products need to be unopened we do not accept returns for opened products.

Stencils. Need to be unused.

E-Books. Do not qualify for refunds as they are a digital product and cannot be returned unless you wish to send us your hard drive.


We do not offer refunds for the following products

Pre Mixed Henna Cones

Bulk Henna Paste

Henna Cone Kits

Bulk orders deemed to be for wholesale use.

Orders over 21 days old.

This is in accordance with our terms and conditions as agreed to at the time of purchase as they are time sensitive products and therefore non-returnable.


Wholesale orders unless otherwise agreed to are not returnable and all sales are final.