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Fennel seed a small aromatic seed which resembles cumin seed with a greener colouring.

Best dry roasted in a pan. Fennel seed has a warm aniseed flavour and can be used to make fennel tea or as part of Chinese and Indian spice blends and masala.

A popular Indian whole spice blend that uses fennel seed is Panch Phoran which also contains Fenugreek seed, Nigella Seed, Cumin Seed and Black Mustard Seed.

In Ayurveda Fennel seed is excellent for any digestive pain or discomfort whether caused by gas, bloating or indigestion. It is also a mid diuretic.

FennelFoeniculum vulgare
R: sweet Vr: pungent/heating Vp: sweetSpleen, small intestine, lungs
VK-P sharp, light, oilyUses: low agni, indigestion, urinary problems
Channels: annavaha, majjavaha, mutravahaPart used: fruit
Tissues: rasa, rakta, majja, mamsaDosage: 1 gram per day
Actions: digestive stimulant, antispasmodicPrecautions: none
Special actions: increases lactationModern precautions: none
Used for prakrti: VPK
Used for Vikrti: VPK